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Our client was able to enjoy Lisbon with its 50 reseller guests and benefit from our organization and booking hotel, restaurants, activities. A highly appreciated package allowing him to easily manage his seminar.

Thank you for his testimony: Lucas (DEA FRANCE)

Hello Lionel,

 Thank you for your email.

Everything went well, everyone was able to return safely.

Regarding the process on site:

Hotel :

We were very pleased with the choice of hotel, the rooms and the facilities were great and up to what we wanted. Full and very good breakfast, and I believe that some people were able to test the spa and were not disappointed!

Activities :

The interactive visit in the form of a "treasure hunt" was very popular, and allowed us to discover Lisbon and taste some specialties.

The Alfama guided tour was also great, the guides had lots of interesting information to share with us. On the other hand, and I think it's more of an error on our part, but the sequence of the visit in the morning and then the afternoon put some people off because we had to walk 10 a.m. at 5 p.m. (apart from the two short meal times), knowing that Lisbon is rather steep. If we were to do it again, I think we would vary the activities more.


· Casa de Linhares: great, we did not expect that at all and we were not disappointed at all. The typical and intimate atmosphere was there thanks to the setting and the performance of the Fado artists. We had a Portuguese native among our customers, who told us that he was pleasantly surprised by this “show” meal.

The menu was very good, and the service quick and efficient.

· Museum of beer: also went very well, nice setting and quality menu. Fast and efficient service.

· Kais: Very nice restaurant with a surprising setting, which everyone liked. The presence of the adjoining bar allowed us to stay until closing time (4am) and therefore enjoy without having to move. We ate very well there, however, unlike the other two meals, the service seemed relatively long to us, so that some of us went back and forth between the dance bar part and the restaurant part regularly to wait.

Huge thanks to Ana and Sofia.

 Organization :

As far as the organization is concerned, everything went well in general apart from the concerns mentioned above.

We know we are not the most disciplined group, and we are 50, but we had no major issues and Ana and Sofia were very helpful and understanding.

As for the photos, we are waiting for the photos of the Friday morning activity, I could send you some!

Good day and thank you again for this beautiful stay.

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