Business Travel Agency. How to choose your destination for an incentive trip ?

Why do companies travel abroad? Because it’s the best way to prize and stimulate your partners, clients and employees, it’s a powerful tool of contribution to your business, your future results and benefits. A serious argument for an incentive travel is a reinforcement of sales and development of a strong working realtionship. What else could be a memory of a lifetime for your clients and empoyees rather than the fantastic options possible only for incentives? An award ceremony and a gala dinner on a Great Chinese Wall, a Zero Gravity flight activity, a celebration ball in Vienna, an exclusive visit to a Grand Kremlin Palace, a team-building winery discover incentive in South Africa and many more exclusive option that will always stay in the memory.

ABROAD-DMC helps you in the definition of your objectives of trip to determine good destinations, also we think systematically about several options to let you do the final choice of your event.

It is possible to define destinations according to a specific subject referring to your convention, symposium or seminar: historical, cultural, incentives, or of reward.

- Historical destinations for a seminar: St. Petersburg, Krakow, Berlin, Rome, Waterloo, Normandy...

- Cultural destinations for a scientific symposium: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, University of Edinburgh...

- Incentives destinations to boost your teams: Barcelona, Lisbon, Marrakech, Dubai, Pretoria, Rio, Moscow, Cuba...

- Destinations of an award travel: California, China, Tokyo, New Zealand, Canada, Mauritius ..

The whole world awaits!

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